Students of all ages now have access to smart gadgets, and incorporating them into the classroom could make learning more interesting and enjoyable. However, schools must protect their technology from exploitation by students, such as downloading viruses or inappropriate content. The simplest option for schools to prevent device misuse is to utilise a simple solution that restricts access to only necessary websites, applications, and other features. With Punon Technologies Services, school administrators may instantaneously update course materials across all devices without having to update each one separately.

Accounting Finance

Teams in banking and finance use tablets and other mobile devices to speed up customer encounters and boost satisfaction. The time required to execute claim settlements, loan approvals, and account openings has also been shortened thanks to smart gadgets. Security mistakes cause serious monetary and reputational harm to financial businesses. In order to avoid this, many institutions use all in one to protect their devices, minimise device misuse, and ensure devices have the least amount of downtime possible.

Government & Public

Governments are often required to follow stricter security standards than those enforced by big businesses. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and safeguard devices and data. Along with security, automation and device monitoring tools can help governments function more efficiently. Government employees and contractors use mobile devices for email, information gathering, productivity apps such as Microsoft Office and more. Whether working at a government office or remotely using these mobile devices pose significant information security risks to government agencies.

Energy & Utilities

Companies in the energy and utilities industries have organisational and communication needs that, in some ways, are similar to those of most global corporations. It is important to take attention to the safety management challenges, which affect both the operational workforce and the plants. It's critical to establish intranet and extranet initiatives in order to enhance internal communication, employee organisation, and the quick and efficient usability of corporate documentation. In this method, the employee can become more aware of the company while also maximising. activities at work.


We safeguard mobile devices, which can help manufacturing firms improve the precision and effectiveness of their production processes. To prevent employees from making changes that, for example, render their devices unusable for use at work, we make sure that device settings are password-protected. Workers at many manufacturing facilities use mobile devices while on the go to remotely manage industrial equipment.